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Buffalo fire shot down 'crazy' in Hue

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1 Buffalo fire shot down 'crazy' in Hue on Sun May 13, 2012 3:06 pm

Lao spiraling through four wards in Hue city and town, Huong Tra (Thua Thien - Hue), buffalo crazy knocked more than 10 people injured, property damaged many of the people and only stopped when the subject was shot 8 rounds bullets.

About 8 am 10/5, people along Highway 1A (Huong So ward, Hue city) buffalo panic when you see employees quickly and knocked on all the obstacles ahead. At least 5 people, 7 motorcycles and dozens of stalls on the road 2 km of the buffalo was knocked Huong So ward.

Then plunge into the village buffalo La Signature (Signature Perfume ward, town, Huong Tra), knocked down Le Cong Thin (50 years), standing along the road. It continued to house employees Nguyen Thi Vinh (70 years), knocked her couch to go beyond 3 m. Most victims of trauma, the emergency at Hue Central Hospital.
Buffaloes were shot down and taken to represent the Marine headquarters ward to receive employer. Photo: Nguyen Dong
Buffalo broke into fear, the villagers quickly closed, and authorities issued report. Ban military commander town Huong Tra sent soldiers to carry guns hunt buffalo, but did not catch up.

When running to ward Kim Long (Hue), buffalo plunged into the river and swam to ward Thuy said. "It's very fast swimming. Beyond 300 m deep river, buffalo never show fatigue but continue heading towards residential areas to find someone to butt, "said Dung, Thuy Bieu ward resident, said.

At around 10h, dashed to the buffalo Tong Huu Thang chasing his three children released, but tripping over the bed. It makes the bed cage to collapse. Few minutes of struggling, working out of Buffalo, broke into Mr. Vu Van Vietnamese addition crashed motorcycles and chasing this young man makes his way down the pitch falls from a private preschool Nagarjuna.

"The young man crouched up in preschool classrooms of Nagarjuna, tri reefs all closed, the room butting young buffalo. I am a teacher and I wake up, shut the back door and opened the front door closing 8 ran. Even smart people then closed the school gate, locked buffalo again, "the teacher said Tran Thi Yet.
Huu Thang Tong closed buffaloes were knocked down bed.
Huu Thang Tong closed buffaloes were knocked down bed. According to Thang, the bed should interfere with the father of three children ...

"Around 11 am, the guards under military command Ban Hue gun buffalo shot in the head and chest. It roared and just run around the school yard when bear was shot stopped by 4 members," Sun Si Bach, a Ward's Marine Bieu, said.

Mr. Bach as well as many crazy people that live buffalo from a slaughterhouse around the nose area because there are many injuries. "Maybe before it was slaughtered, beaten buffalo too painful to go crazy and break out the road, smashing all obstacles ahead," Mr. Bach said.

Talking to pm 10/5, Dang Van Ngan, Vice Chairman Marine Bieu ward, Buffalo, said more than 10 people were injured, but mostly minor scrapes, only Nguyen Thi Vinh (70 years) was most severe.

After being shot, buffalo is taken pending ward office. Despite the notice on the mass media, but by late afternoon 10/5 yet unidentified buffalo.

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